It is no news for gamers that this year’s fourth quarter comes PACKED. Gravity Rush 2 – initially slated for a late November (EU), early December (NA/JP) release – has officially jumped out of the late-year craze. The game from SIE Japan Studio has a new release date, just a bit over a month after the initially planned one.

The decision to push the game back is essentially based on the need for it to get its time to shine, ruling out the possibility of other big releases eclipsing it. From here, we can totally understand the decision: games like Final Fantasy XV, The Last Guardian and Yakuza 6 (Japan) will release tightly close to Gravity Rush 2’s original date, so the change may give the game (and those willing to play it) some room to breathe.

Gravity Rush 2

Game director Keiichiro Toyama has expressed his apologies for the extra wait in a press release. To add up, we get to know that, to compensate us gamers for the wait, Gravity Rush 2’s DLC will be available for everyone at no additional cost. We’re still gutted, but it hurts a bit less!

The game’s new release date (January 18 in PAL territories, 19 in Japan and 20 in US/UK) does not feel like a sweet spot either, with Resident Evil VII and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue releasing a few days later, but the game is certainly in a better position now.