Hitman fans will be glad to know that they can grab the complete first season for only $30 through steam, which is half of what the actual price is. The complete first season bundle includes the first six episodes along with a special bonus episode.


The first season of Hitman features the following six episodes:

  • Episode 1: The Showstopper (Paris)
  • Episode 2: World of Tomorrow (Sapienza)
  • Episode 3: A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh)
  • Episode 4: Club 27 (Bangkok)
  • Episode 5: Freedom Fighters (Colorado)
  • Episode 6: Situs Inversus (Hokkaido)

Those who are interested in purchasing the complete first season can head over to the product page of the game on Steam and get it. Keep in mind that the offer is up until November 23, so you have around five days to grab it.


Hitman is an episodic stealth video game from IO Interactive. The first episode was released on March 11, 2016, while the rest of the episodes were released periodically throughout the year. The complete first season was previously listed for $59.99 on Steam, but players can now grab it for half the price, that is $29.99.

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