The time for the Iron Fist Tournament to return to home consoles is drawing near, and in the meantime, Bandai Namco Entertainment are slowly filling up the remaining slots in Tekken 7’s character roster. Today, at Barcelona Games World 2016, the game salutes its latest competitor: the Spaniard Miguel.

Introduced to the series in Tekken 6, Miguel embarks on a path of revenge, as his sister’s life is taken away in the middle of her wedding. You can watch Miguel’s reveal trailer below to see some of his fighting moves.

After the confirmation of Miguel joining the roster for Tekken 7, the list of fighters goes up to 33, and the time left for the game’s “Early 2017” release window to arrive starts running short. There are many well-known characters still out of the Iron Fist Tournament 7, including series regulars Anna Williams, Christie Monteiro, Lei Wulong and Julia Chang. We must consider the possibility of some of the most iconic characters being held for a post-launch release as DLC, but there’s still time for more character reveals so, if your main isn’t in the game yet, cross your fingers!

Tekken 7 will release on PS4, XB1 and PC at some point early next year.