We have been through a number of weeks filled with uncertainty surrounding the mystery of Nintendo’s next console, codenamed “NX”. Lots and lots of reports, claims, rumors and the like have surfaced slating a console reveal week after week for what has been quite the media circus. Now at last, the reveal has been made.

Nintendo’s next console is called Nintendo Switch, and it blends home and portable gaming in one system. The system is slated for release on March 2017 and its reveal has been made in the shape of a video showcasing its features at work.

In the video above, we can see certain unannounced titles running on Nintendo Switch, including Skyrim Special Edition and a Mario game. As the hours go past, we get to know more information about the system. Among the facts we know, we can count the following:

  • The system is powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra processor
  • NS’ detachable controllers are called Joy-Cons
  • Physical games will take the shape of game cartridges
  • It blends home and portable gaming, as the video showcases
  • Many third-party studios are jumping on board to deliver their games on NS

Nintendo Switch

Even though Nintendo have finally broken their silence on Nintendo Switch, we still have a myriad of pivotal questions: price tag? online infrastructure? battery life? achievement system? We should learn more about Nintendo Switch shortly considering its relatively prompt release.

Nintendo Switch will hit stores on March 2017.