Nintendo is in the minds of many gamers across the globe ever since their mysterious NX became Nintendo Switch, their upcoming console releasing in March next year. Speculation has been all over the place with rumors on versions, games, price and so on, since Nintendo revealed they wouldn’t provide further information this year. Now, a game retailer has allegedly priced the system…..twice.

Apparently – letsplayvideogames reports – GAME UK is counting on 2 different stock-keeping units (SKUs) to be released. First, a Nintendo Switch basic package priced at £199 is one of them, having a somewhat predictable converted price of $249/249€. Together with it, another packaged featuring a Nintendo Switch with larger storage and a bundled title would cost £249 ($299/299€)

Nintendo Switch

While this is all rumors coming from no official sources, the unofficial sources at hand seem to be trustworthy. The pricing reported would place Nintendo Switch in a very competitive price range, providing to grant a likely strong take-off for the system.

Official information on price and much more will be provided by Nintendo early next year. Until then, the room for speculation is wide and there’s lots to discuss.