The cuteness in Square-Enix’s World of Final Fantasy – due out worldwide this month – just won’t stop. After the confirmation of several well-known faces from the highly acclaimed series the list keeps growing, and the latest addition is one you all probably know.

Rikku, Yuna’s guardian in Final Fantasy X and Yuny’s fellow Gullwing in Final Fantasy X-2 joins World of Final Fantasy and gets the usual chibi treatment that we’ve all learnt to love. The announcement has been made via the latest issue of Weekly Jump. You can take a look at her on the scan below (via @kazu4281)

Rikku joins World of Final Fantasy

As the scan shows, the outfit of choice is her X-2 one and, while we are pleased she joins the team, we are not so surprised. Back in January this year, Rikku’s English VA Tara Strong teased the return of the character in some form. World of Final Fantasy was certainly among the possible ways Rikku could return, and it has eventually been the case.

Are you excited to see Rikku and every other Final Fantasy character do their most adorable fighting yet in World of Final Fantasy? We are looking forward to getting our hands on it, so expect a review of the game coming up shortly after its release.

World of Final Fantasy is arriving to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on October 25 (NA), 27 (JP) and 28 (EU)